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∗  Circle Quarterly Art Review

Issue 6
An Examination of Current Trends and Original Practices in Visual Art

Leaf through the latest issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review to discover a unique selection of 194 artists from around the world. Inquire about purchasing a featured artwork or collaborating with a featured artist. Visit the magazine page to see more and order your print copies today.

Click on the link below. The presentation of my painting is on page 87.

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∗  Artbox/Project, SwissArtExpo, Main Station, Zürich, Schweiz, August 25 until August 29, 2021 https://www.swissartexpo.com/
∗  My Art book ”Opens all doors” oil paintings and poems,  2018. Click on the link below. It’s in Swedish but the images of my paintings are international :- )

Click on Provläs (reading sample) and you will see some of the images from the book.

You can also find the book at libraries in Sweden.

Öppnar alla dörrar Libraries in Stockholm